Air Conditioning Service



It is essential that your air conditioner is regularly serviced, in doing so, not only will you maximise effieciency and running costs, you will also ensure longevity of the system and most importantly, you will not be breathing dirty air. Essentially the air conditioning system is cleaing the house while running, it does so by catching dirt, dust, pollen and pet hair in its filters. Therefore, it is reccomended that you have your system servced twice a year, or a minimum once a year.

Why Have A Service?

  • Removal of harmful bacteria and mould. 

  • Removal of unpleasent odours.

  • Make your system asthma and allergy friendly.

  • Reduce noise levels during the operation.

  • Increase airflow and maximise efficiency.

  • Reduce running costs anywhere from 10% to 20%.

  • Maximise system performance.

  • Prevent possible future breakdowns.

Service Price:

General Service Fee:   $165

  • ​Includes GST.

  • Inlcudes callout.

  • Includes first hour.

  • Hourly rate of $75 plus GST.

  • Additional system - $55 plus GST.

We also provide a maintence agreement for system installed by Coastline Air. For information on these rates or any further serivce information, please contact us through our 'Contact Us" link.


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