Coastline Air specialises in the installation and service of all major air conditioning brands and are committed to finding you the perfect air solution for you. Our installations include split systems, multi split systems, ducted systems, bulkhead systems, floor mounted systems and ceiling cassette systems. We also service and maintain existing systems as well as the replacement of specific parts.


Working with architects and builders we also specialise in the installation into buildings during the construction process, whether it’s a new build or renovation, we ensure that the system is built in to suit your specific needs. We are happy to work off drawing to design the perfect air conditioning requirements for your home or commercial property, allowing the perfect indoor climate.

Split Systems

Split system air conditioners are perfect if you wish to only condition one area or room of your home. An alternative to the standard split systems is the multi-split system, which has multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. This enables maximum temperature control, and with each room controlled individually, it means running costs are kept low, as only the rooms requiring air conditioning are switched on.


Spit systems consists of two parts; the indoor wall mounted unit, and the outdoor condensing unit, and are available in "reverse cycle" also in "cooling only".


All split system air conditioners installed by Coastline Air come with a guaranteed 5 year warranty.

Ducted Systems


Ducted air conditioning systems enable total climate control of your entire home, and can be installed into a new build or an existing house. Ducted air conditioning is visibly less obvious than the traditional split system, as you will only see a ceiling grill in chosen areas of each room.


The indoor system can be located in the upper roof space of a house and can also be located underneath the house, enabling you to have floor grills. The condensing unit is located on the outside of the house.


Ducted systems have the option to be zoned via smart control, maximising energy costs by only having the rooms that need to be conditioned, on. These zones can be customised to suit your home, reaching your desired temperature faster giving you the perfect indoor climate.


All ducted air conditioning systems installed by Coastline Air come with a guaranteed 5 year warranty.

Service & Maintenance

Regular service on your air conditioning system will save on running costs and will assist with the longevity of your system. We offer a service call out to any make of air conditioner and can arrange a maintenance contract on systems needing more frequent servicing.


We can repair most air conditioners, however, if your system is beyond repair and well out of its warranty stage, we can suggest and alternative replacement to suit your requirements. 


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